Broshuis trailer 2+5 by Fury Bear 1:14 new 2020 model

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Broshuis Holland fully independent suspension and steering European Low loader for Tamiya 1:14 scale trucks

Fury Bear launched a 1:14 low loader model with electronic steering and independent suspension simulation system, with equipment rack on the front a special 7 axle heavy-duty cargo special trailer.

Broshuis Holland 1:14 Scale Heavy Goods Special Trailer the Tamiya low loader must have! The Fury Bear 2+5 axle heavy cargo trailer is designed to to be more realistic than other 1:14 scale trailers.

  • The suspension steering system adopts the same structure as the real trailer. It can realize follow-up steering and lateral walking.
  • On the side of the trailer you can also install appropriate number of drag plates according to actual needs.
  • Servo waterproof high-power steering gear 26kg, the trailer can handle a maximum load of 100kg.
  • The first independent suspension same as the real model.
  • Trailer adopts modular design of the real model, you can achieve personalized adjustable design such as lengthening and shortening the trailer 40cm.
  • Full wheel steering the same steering mode as the real trailer has.
  • The axle and steering gears are connected to each wheel directly to ensure the accuracy of the steering.
  • The electronic independently steering module developed by Fury Bear Model controls all steering actuators.
  • All Steering sensors of vehicles use Hall sensors
  • Steering servos use 26kg metal high torque waterproof steering engines. The follow-up steer effect is similar to that of the real trailer.
  • The 7 axle heavy trailer weighs only 7kg and is made of high strength aluminium alloy.
  • Total length 120 cm extended 160cm
  • 4x rear light units incl. Leds
  • 12 sidelight units incl. Leds
  • 2 rear working light unints incl. Leds
  • 22 Tires
  • 2 spear Rims for front mounting
  • Mud flaps 12x small 1 Large
  • Trailer stickers
  • Broshuis 3D Logo 3x

You only need to buy a King pin from your local dealer!

Construction Manual Broshuis Trailer Fury Bear

Operating Manual Broshuis Trailer Fury Bear

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