Ekeri 5 axle box trailer

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This Ekeri 4 axle box trailer is the ultimate dream come true. We love to build trailers with a that little extra that makes a model the next level. We think we did just that with this Ekeri box unit on this 4 axle trailer. The trailer is made from Aluminium and Anodized Black (This save you time in painting :D). Rims are CNC Aluminum with double bearings and our special Cap Nuts are included to finish it of perfectly. On top of that the we added Michelin 245/70 R17.5 Tires! We even added Light units, Rear and Side units are from Hella.

In the box we have predrilled holes to add more lights on the box unit, you only have to drill these all the way true. If you do you can add 20x Hella orange contour light on one side so 40x total and 15x Hella red contour lights and the back and finally on the front you can add 10x Hella white contour lights.


  • Complete DIY set
  • Without the extra Hella contour lights
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