LED skilt komplet med bluetooth

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  • Size:
    Overall Size: 93mm*30mm*6mm
    Screen Size: 85mm*23mm
  • Dot Matrix: 11*44LED
  • Dot Space: 1.93mm
  • Color:Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink
  • Internal Storage: 750 English Characters or Simple Images
  • Button:
    1. Brightness Button:
    (1)Press Button about 3 seconds, turn on/turn off.
    (2)Brightness Control: 4 Levels (25%,50%, 75%,100%)
    2. Information Button:
    (1)Short Press, switch different information you want to show.
    (2)M1-8, Loop Play different information.
  • Display Speed: 8 levels, can be controlled by Program.
  • Display Mode: Scrolling Up and Down, Scrolling Left to Right, Display Fixed, Flicker, etc.
  • Work Time:
    Brightness 25%, 24hours
    Brightness 100%, 12hours
  • Battery:Rechargeable 230mAh Lithium Battery
  • Display Language: All Languages.

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